I was referred to Christy Nichols of Netwerk Solutions by a friend who owns her own business, and Christy had been a valuable asset to. At the time, I worked for a company that did not utilize an exchange server, and had little in way of IT support. And since I worked on a Microsoft platform, I needed to be on an exchange server to connect all of my devices. Christy helped me set up a new email with my own domain name, set up through Office 365. Now all of my devices connect (including an iPad), and remains as support for any and all issues (she’s even helped me when my cat walked across my laptop & somehow changed settings!). What I find the most valuable about Netwerk Solutions/Christy is the response time when I have a critical issue. She always calls me back within 24 hours – and often within 60 minutes. She has become a trusted resource, and a friend. I will continue to recommend her.

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